A suitable Computer for Games

Computer specifications are certainly very influential for the use of the computer itself. One of them if we like to play games, whether it is online or offline game. From hobbies like this can also be a separate business idea, maybe if you want to make an online game business (I also want) there are some points that should be noted for the specification of PC / computer. So that the price is not too high then in choosing an important point in determining Minimum Computer Specifications for Game, of course with a friendly price with our budget.


Processor minimum 2.5 MHz Intel Dual Core or AMD Athlon / Phenom X2 unlock to X3. Higher is highly recommended for the convenience of playing games.

To represent an economical Motherboard, I recommend using ECS motherboard. The affordable price and performance that has been consistent enough to make me choose it as a reference in this post. AML Llano ECS A75F-M2 is the cheapest board that can be obtained at this time. As for AMD AM3 platform, I chose ECS A880LM-M (AMD760 chipset). On the Intel side, I recommend using the H61 (ECS H61H2-M2) chipset that is very affordable.

For RAM I recommend using 2 GB DDR3 RAM. The size of 2 GB is quite mediocre. However, this is a capacity that is often used and still sufficient to run the latest 3D games.

500 GB capacity can not be considered large. However, given the limitations of available funds, I recommend using them. The 500 GB capacity is big enough for the installation of some of the latest games. Just make sure that you choose the type of hard disk that prioritizes performance, not power consumption, because hard disks that tend to give low power consumption will give low performance (slow loading of game).

VGA card
For systems without integrated VGA, I use NVIDIA GeForce GT430 reference. Various features typical NVIDIA can be utilized from this VGA. Good driver support becomes its own advantages. In addition, of course, the price is around Rp600.000 making it fit for this system. Of course, as an alternative, you can also use other options such as AMD Radeon 5570 which has similar performance with NVIDIA GeForce GT430.

Heatsink / Cooler
This is also very important, playing games with typing is certainly very different. When playing game processor will be hot once can even over. To solve the problem then you must use modif cooler, do not use inherent cooling especially for AMD processor.

Some point above its status is Minimum Computer Specification for Game if you want to replace with higher spec it is better. If you are a gamer of course know about its important computer specifications that we use to play the game.

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8 Ball Pool Cheat trick and Tips

8 Ball Pool game is online game that biggest played by people in internet this day. Develop by Minichip game developer, the game is available to play in PC or from android device. This game has been downloaded and played by over from 50 million gamers in recent. With this game, you can against other player that you find when the game with plays online. The mobile game option also allows you to play against the Facebook friend or family members. You can play 2 types of gameplay in 8 ball pool. The 1 on 1 mode is available if you want to against one player only. If you want more challenge, then play Tournament mode will allows you to play against 8 other players in order to win trophies and coins.  You are still a beginner? Then play practice mode to train your skill before you play against other player in Tournament mode.

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Where is to get latest dragon city game tricks, tips, or any working cheat tool?

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Rank order on the 8 ball pool game

8 ball pool game first appeared on facebook then integrated with android system. As the name implies is exactly the same game by playing billiard. 8 ball pool games these days get a pretty good rating as 10 games android most widely played per June, 2015.

This online billiard game requires players to collect exp and improve the ranking of players. Ranking sorted from lowest to highest as follows:

the higher the rank the more difficult levels anyway opponent. You can also collect coins in a way to win the game. Tetetapi to get 8 Ball Pool cash is not free. You must use the original money to obtain them.

8 ball pool tips to get free cash

Therefore Blog Reno wanted to give tips on how to be 8 ball pool cash and coins free on android. 8 ball pool cash used to purchase premium features such as cue or billiard table. That way you can customize the display when you play against opponents.

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